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Múltiplo de Múltiplo

Printed materials served as both artifacts and extensions of the exhibition's brand, offering visitors tangible glimpses into Gomes' creative universe.

As the appointed designer for this momentous occasion, I faced the exhilarating challenge of crafting an identity that seamlessly encapsulated the essence of Gomes' aesthetic ethos. Embracing the significance of repetition within Gomes' work, I chose to echo this motif throughout the exhibition's branding, allowing the word "multiple" to reverberate as a thematic refrain.

Beyond mere visual representation, I sought to imbue every aspect of the exhibition experience with a sense of cohesion and immersion. From the meticulously curated editorial design to the spatial arrangement within the museum, each element was meticulously crafted to engage and captivate the viewer.

Every brochure, poster, and program was thoughtfully designed to evoke intrigue
and anticipation.

The exhibition offered attendees a profound glimpse into the boundless depths of Gomes' creative vision.

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