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Sculp Clinic

The reimagined logo for Sculp Clinic not only revitalizes its visual identity but also encapsulates the essence of its mission: to harmonize and restore balance to the body and mind. The DNA helix symbolizes the intricacies of life and the body's innate capacity for regeneration and renewal, while the encompassing circle signifies unity and equilibrium, echoing the holistic approach to wellness embraced by the clinic.

Reflecting this essence, the circular shape of the two '0's symbolizes the dual presence of the sun and embodies a hundred compelling reasons to indulge the wine.


The label features intricately cut fine print paper, allowing customers a glimpse of the liquid within, inviting them to experience the sunshine captured in every sip. The main goal is to materialize the sentiment of Pliny's quote, where in these openings reveal the true essence of the wine.

Journey of rejuvenation
and renewal

At the heart of this transformation lies a powerful symbol

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